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Kameleo SARL

Since 2016 I am doing backend and sysadmin work for Kameleo SARL (Switzerland).


My job at Kameleo is to maintain their own custom website editor, and keeping the features up-to-date. I had to deal with, to name a few examples:

- Updating the multimedia and PDF module
- Adding new features to their shop module, like include/exclude VAT, or multiple versions of a single product (i.e. t-shirt sizes and colors).
- Adding the English translation to the previously only French and German shop module.
- Adding an automated generator of Terms and Conditions, for the compliance with the EU's paperwork.
- Routine tasks, maintenance, solving bugs, security tasks against XSS.
- Maintaining custom contact forms and signup forms using the Google Sheets API

Kameleo SARL is a company based in Fribourg, Switzerland which manages hundred of small to middle-sized local websites in Switzerland. I have been working 1.5 year at their office and, since I left Switzerland, continue to work remotely.

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