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How I proceed

In a nutshell:

I provide websites and apps that I generally host on my VPS, but also possible on a hosting service that you own. I rent a VPS at (Lithuania), and I generally book domains at Namecheap.

Availability of service:

My services are available for Swiss, French, or Central European customers.

Web design:

I am a small one-man team with great development skills but only basic design skills. So the optimal, quick way of doing things would be that you already provide me the Web design (mockups, logos, elements, etc.), then I build the website upon it, on the platform.


  • First contact to discuss the project
  • (Working on the website design if required)
  • Opening of a development website. A first deposit is paid.
  • I add basic content, then graphic design, on the development website. We have frequent contact to validate each step of the project.
  • Domain and production hosting are booked, [monthly/yearly] billing starts then.
  • Basic support is included if hosted on my VPS. If you need more specific support, updates, or if you don't want to edit the content yourself, the "hour-pack" tariffs apply.

Other services

WordPress sites:

I can develop or host WordPress sites if your website's content matches this CMS functionality. Please contact us for more information. I do not work with or provide support to non-free WP modules.

Web Design:

I am a small one-man developer team, so my web design capacities are limited. Custom web design for Blop CMS or WordPress sites is considered as Custom Development, and adds up to your Basic Website or Advanced Website plan. You may want to provide us your already existing graphical elements, or hire an external designer beforehand.

Get your website #1 in Google results:

This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and mastering it is a job on its own. I can provide advice for choosing the right keywords, or help update your old website's SEO with some advice, as part of a new development.

Custom apps or mobile apps:

Blop CMS allows for a wide range of customization, so I can develop custom apps according to your needs. "Custom module" pricing applies on that. Please contact us for more information. I do not develop standalone mobile apps at the moment.


I might provide a shop module for Blop CMS in the future, but for small shops only. A WooCommerce site with Storefront child-theme is another option, see WordPress sites section above.

Contact me here:

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Prices and billing:

(The prices given here are in Swiss Francs and are an indication. Tariffs in EUR or HUF will be added soon.)

BlopCMS Standard website development

A basic, single-language presentation website with pages, images, map, contact form, will start at CHF 600.-, webdesign not included.

BlopCMS Advanced website development

Advanced websites which implement the following modules: blog/newsfeed, event list, integration of data from Google Sheets, multiple user login, or multilingual content will start at CHF 1200.-, webdesign not included.

BlopCMS Custom module development:

Development of custom modules (private modules, or new functionalities which don't exist yet in the Blop CMS repository). Price depends on the amount of work, and adds up to the Standard plan or Advanced plan. Custom web design enters in the scope of Custom development.

BlopCMS Support (hour-packs):

I provide "hour-packs" for support after your website is publicly released. Basic support is included when hosted on our platform, but if you need more advanced support, updates, training, or if you want us to manage your website's content, this enters in our 10-hour support packs, which you can buy 10-hours by 10-hours.

Monthly fees (Hosting, Domain, HTTPS)

Hosting is paid monthly and starts from CHF 5.- / month. Domain costs depend on the chosen extension (.com, .ch, .org etc.) and are at around CHF 10.- / year. HTTPS certificate (optional, but recommended)

All the above prices are indications, and subject to changes in time or according to your project's size.

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