Carte Blanche Web Development

My goals

I want to provide new web services in Europe that rock, need low maintenance, and are owned by people not tech giants. In this sense, I specialized in backend development.

I think local and wish to improve local projects, businesses or communities with a presence on the Web, and help them become independent with this technology.

I moved to Hungary in spring 2018 for personal reasons, but still mainly work for Western European projects at the moment.

What I do

My development skills

I excel in the good old PHP, SQL and JavaScript. I have a former experience of 3-4 years in frontend and backend WordPress, and more recent experience in MVC frameworks, Linux web server administration (including Bash scripting), and sysadmin work / multisite maintenance for a small Swiss company running hundreds of small and medium local websites.

I have created my own CMS based on Slim PHP framework according to my needs, and called it OppidumCMS. This website is made with it, and so are some other sites and apps in my portfolio.

Although I sometimes use fashionable dev tools like Sass, jQuery, Composer, social networks etc. I see as much disadvantages as advantages within these tools and I don't see them as the Alpha and Omega. They have their utility in some contexts.

Web design and other skills

The best frontend framework is natUIve by radogado. Bootstrap is great too.

I can develop responsive web apps, but no "standalone" mobile apps at the moment. I wish I can learn more about Android development and JS frontend frameworks in the future.

Besides Web development, I can also make small graphic works, audio and video editing, text translations etc. As for everything I use as much GNU/Linux and open source software as possible, like GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, LMMS, Audacity, Kdenlive etc.

Social networks

I use them as little as needed. There are censorship issues around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and I am willing to promote alternate services and avoid those giants whenever possible. This is why I haven't specialized in automated integration of social network sharing on websites. That said, there is an exception: Google Spreadsheets API is a great, powerful tool to allow the website owner to manage either the content or the answers from a subscription form.

My hobbies

Outside of the web development world, I like the various European cultures, folk dance, biking, gardening, learning languages,  great strategy games, and I support ideas like low car / car-free living and neo-traditional architecture. I want to learn more about farming in the future.

What I need

As of March-April 2019:

I am only busy with a part-time job at the moment and I am open to new mandates. See here: Order your website.

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